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Courtroom Movies That Don’t Suck
Saturday, April 2 by Rachel Lee

Prepare for jury duty with these courtroom movies that don’t suck. Just don’t expect this kind of drama on the court docket in your town. “12 Angry Men” (1957). When…

Inspiring Ethics Movies
Saturday, April 2 by Lara Stewart

When things are going tough in your personal life, sometimes what you need is a good dose of inspiring ethics movies. Watching people make tough choices in these movies can…

Ethics Movies About Government
Saturday, April 2 by Karen Murdock

Whether you enjoy a good political sex scandal or long for honest leaders, these ethics movies about government will fuel your earnest—or not so earnest—indignation. Some of these ethics movies…

Funniest Movies Of The 2000s
Saturday, April 2 by Thomas West

If you’re looking for a great way to spice up the afternoon, then watching some of the funniest movies of the 2000s is a great way to get some laughs…

Outdoor Adventure Movies For Guys
Saturday, April 2 by Jason Cuthbert

The great outdoors does not have to mean boring camping trips, especially with these five outdoor adventure movies for guys. Each of these outdoor extravaganzas offer danger, exploration, and the…

Western Film Locations
Saturday, April 2 by Lara Stewart

One exciting and unusual idea for a summer vacation is visiting some of the many Western film locations throughout the US. There is nothing quite like seeing these iconic settings…

Alien Cartoon Movies For Kids
Saturday, April 2 by Sarah Sullivan

Alien cartoon movies for kids are perfect for parents who are fans of the genre, but aren’t willing to share their PG-13 and R-rated counterparts with their children. These are…

German War Movies
Saturday, April 2 by Sarah Sullivan

German war movies are fascinating for history buffs and movie lovers alike. For those who aren’t bothered by subtitles, films in German, particularly those about war, are an exceptional option…

Funny Movies Of 2010
Saturday, April 2 by Rochelle Connery

The funny movies of 2010 featured a menagerie of cartoons, family-ire comedies and some surprisingly humorous action flicks. Some of them didn't intentionally fall into the comedy category, but that's…

Japanese Internment Movies
Saturday, April 2 by Karen Murdock

You may have learned in American history about Executive Order 9066 authorizing the internment of thousands of Japanese-Americans, but these Japanese internment movies reveal human suffering and heroism that history…

Rutger Hauer Thinks A ‘Blade Runner’ Remake Is An Awful Idea With One Caveat
Saturday, April 2 by

Isn’t Christopher Nolan busy enough?

Japanese Love Story Movies
Saturday, April 2 by Karen Murdock

If you need to find a good Valentine’s Day flick but want to avoid the typical chick-flick romantic comedies, try these Japanese love story movies for a refreshing take on…

WonderCon: Four Minutes Of ‘Green Lantern’ For Your Eyes
Saturday, April 2 by

Are we feeling more positive about this film now?

Best Sequels That Don’t Suck
Saturday, April 2 by Layla Sinclair

If you’re sick of horrible follow ups to good movies, check out these best sequels that don’t suck. The films below stay away from cheesy plots and ridiculous storylines. You…

Korean War Movies
Saturday, April 2 by Karen Murdock

Filmmakers often overlook the Korean War, but these Korean War movies show how the “Forgotten War” is just as compelling, moving and important as any other major conflict. Whether these…

10 Cool Hippie Type Movies
Saturday, April 2 by Robin Raven

If you love flower power, peace signs, and the social activism that hippies were all about, you will likely enjoy these 10 cool hippie type movies. There are Hollywood myths…

Lily Collins (7)
Phil Collins’ Daughter Is Snow White
Saturday, April 2 by

But what about Sting’s daughter?

10 Best Suspense Movies Of All Time
Saturday, April 2 by Layla Sinclair

The 10 best suspense movies of all time have intricate plots, a great deal of mystery, and surprising disclosures. The films below contain many classic films, along with some more…

Government Movies Based On True Stories
Saturday, April 2 by Audrey Johnson

Government movies based on true stories tend to be a little disturbing – after all, what viewer wants to face the complete truth about their government’s doings? Sometimes, however, movies…

Top 10 Korean Actors
Saturday, April 2 by Annette Smith

Who are the top ten Korean actors? As with all top ten lists, that depends on who you ask. But the following men have made a name for themselves as…

Funny Zombie Movies For Guys
Saturday, April 2 by Houlihan Macaco

There are many funny zombie movies for guys that will have you choking on your popcorn. Some zombie movies are meant to be funny. Others are funny anyway. The following…

Romantic Comedy DVDs To Buy Your Girlfriend
Saturday, April 2 by Ryanick Paige

If you are planning a night in, you may want to check out these romantic comedy DVDs to buy your girlfriend. Romantic comedies generally have a romantic plot line with…

10 Best Pinoy Drama Movies
Saturday, April 2 by Karen Pyudik

The 10 best Pinoy drama movies are about family and love. The word “Pinoy” is referring to the people of Filipino decent in Philippines or abroad. The Pinoy dramas tell…

Best Foreign Movie Directors
Saturday, April 2 by T.S. Monty

The best foreign movie directors come from around the world and are responsible for a wide variety of successful, avant-garde, and powerful films. These directors prove that you don’t have…

Best Romantic Comedies Of The 2000s
Saturday, April 2 by Audrey Johnson

The good news is that the best romantic comedies of the 2000s are not difficult to identify because there were so many great ones released; the even better news is…

Best Romantic Comedy Movies To Watch With A Girl
Saturday, April 2 by Audrey Johnson

If you’re looking for the best romantic comedy movies to watch with a girl, it’s pretty likely that you want these movies to, well…not be awful. Luckily, years ago someone…

Adventure Movies That Women Will Love
Saturday, April 2 by Shawn Lealos

Adventure movies that women will love need to have more than explosions and car chases. Female viewers want brains in their movies and smart female characters along the way. Hot…

WonderCon: ‘Priest’ Footage Breakdown
Saturday, April 2 by

A full sequence and a sizzle reel screened to an impressed crowd.

Funny Movies Quotes About Money
Saturday, April 2 by Sheldon Reid

These funny movies quotes about money give us insight on one of humanity’s favorite pastimes – chasing the dollar. Keep these lines in mind while you’re out there saving and…

WonderCon: Ryan Reynolds Knows ‘Green Lantern 2′ Premise, And Quit Talking About His Abs Already
Friday, April 1 by

He works out hard, okay? Get over it.