You may not even know that Nepal has a booming film industry, let alone that Nepali movies are fueled by popular demand, not just in Nepal but all over the world. Known as Kollywood, Nepal's film industry pumps out movies that explore genres beyond its Bollywood cousin's flamboyant musicals (though they do have those too). A few worth mentioning are more than just wildly popular--they're also pretty good. Even if some of them are really similar to American chick flicks you'd never be caught dead watching, don't hold that against them.


Sano Sansar

As you might imagine, many of the most popular Nepali movies are romantic comedies. This one, Sano Sansar, is heavily influenced by the American romantic comedy You've Got Mail. And if you're a fan of romantic comedies, Sano Sansar will probably seem pretty familiar to you, being a classic boy-meets-girl-and-they-hate-each-other-at-first story. And like a lot of Nepali movies, it features at least a few musical numbers. Yay? Yay!



In addition to romantic comedies, Nepali movies are also produced under the genre of horror. So it is with Kagbeni, a Nepali movie based on the famous horror story The Monkey's Paw. In case you don't know, The Monkey's Paw is about a wish-granting totem that doesn't always give the wisher exactly what he had in mind. Kagbeni was called a "a benchmark for Nepali films." Sounds pretty good, right?


Kusume Rumal 2

This one isn't technically a sequel to the earlier movie Kusume Rumal, but it does reference it extensively. You see, the whole "_____ 2" titling convention is treated a bit differently when it comes to Nepali movies. That didn't stop this from being one of the most popular Nepali movies to come out in 2009, however. The story is heavily influenced by Hollywood movies like A Walk To Remember, but part of the fun of Nepali movies is seeing familiar storylines play out in novel ways.


Muna Madan

This 2003 Nepali movie is based on a one of the most popular epics in Nepali literature. With source material like that, it's no surprise that it's gone on to be one of the more popular Nepali movies.


Sick City

Another popular Nepali movie, this one with a really cool title (has it been used in America yet?). And it's a lot edgier than what most people associate with Nepali movies. It's a gritty crime story, about a young man who divides his time between being a husband and father and a drug dealer in the city of Tharmel's red light district. Judging from the trailers for the movie online, it seems strongly influenced by movies like Requiem for a Dream in the way that it shows the flashiness and allure of the drug lifestyle while simultaneously depicting the consequences of it. This would appear to be an interesting introduction to Nepali movies, since it's the kind of edgy crime story we see all the time in the US.