Would You Rather: See Clone Wars or Get Hit By A Truck?

Tuesday, August 19 by

Screenjunkies needs to set the record straight. We are just not Star Wars fans. We just don’t care. We understand that George Lucas is a visionary filmmaker and has had a huge impact on modern cinema (both good and bad). But you’re never going to catch us giving a crap about CGI videos of the Deathstar over San Fran, much less animated versions of an already ruined movie franchise.

So when it can to decide who was going to cover The Clone Wars, Stan and I both decided we would write an anti review called Things I Would Rather Do Than Watch The New Star Wars Cartoon. Whoever had the shittiest thing happen over the weekend would win. And you know what? I totally lucked out and got hit by a truck! 

I was riding my road bike near a lake in the Pacific Northwest on Saturday when a guy in a pickup truck merged onto the road and totally didn’t see me. He came right into my lane and sideswiped me. It was a pretty hard hit and knocked the bike out from under me. The ground was not very soft because it was asphalt. It’s never fun to hit the ground, especially when you are going 20 miles an hour. Since he was still merging when he hit me, I almost got run over. I pushed myself away from the tires at the last minute. The guy felt horrible. He was kind of in shock. I had to talk him through it. Here’s what I looked like afterwards.

I ended up with a slightly separated shoulder, some strained ligaments in my knee, a busted knuckle, lots of road rash, a broken bicycle, and lots of time at the hospital. And, I’ve generally been feeling like I was hit by a truck….which TOTALLY beats having to sit through a Star Wars cartoon.



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