By Afrim, sole member of the Albanian Guard

Hello, United States, for one time again. Is Afrim. Is you remember me? I tell you about movie Angels plus Demons. I back in internet café in Baltimore. I is having problems with travel visa and immigration police tell me I can no go back to Albania. Is okay, I have good bed for sleeping at house of my cousin Fatbardha. Is better than box of wood that I am sleeping in Tirana! Is kidding! I has very comfortable mule for sleeping.

I having lots of free time waiting for Visa problem stop, so I see more American movies. I like cinema in United States. Chairs are comfortable, and police are not throwing you in jail when videotaping screen.

Today I see Terminator movie. Is called Terminator of Salvation. Is meaning maybe there is Jesus in future? Is take place in year 2018 about computer that want fight humans and it make robot for killing man. But humans are fight back and want stop computer. Is very action movie, have many exploding, and is have robot skeletons. Is remind me of robot I make in 1980s calling “Afrim the Robot.” But no made of metal, is made of brooms and skin of sheep. It no mean to kill and is not working most of time.

In movie, John Connor (is Christian Bale) is lead his human warriors to fight machines. He is find man who is think he is man, but is really robot. John Connor is not trusting robot even one who think is man, but is only hope to find Kyle Reese (is Anton Yelchin) to protects him. To destroy robots, John Connor must fight many different machines. There is swim robots, airplane robots and motorcycle robots.

I is fan of movie. Is direct by Irish rapping singer McG. I is never heard from him. Actors in movie very good. Christian Bale remind me of young Afrim because I very handsome. Also remind because I is yelling many times. I is expecting to see first Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, but is not in movie. I is hearing he is politician and am congratulating him. Is same way in Albania, James Belushi is make honorary governor of Tirana.

Movie is making me thinking for computers. Is problem in giving power to computer? Is possible computers want kill humans? If is possible, I is thinking Albania safe. Is because Albania not having many computers and we is still using MS-DOS.

I is also thinking, Swiss Guard is make everything with computers for protect the pope. If is problem with computer and is want kill humans, Pope is first to be killing. For that is when I return Tirana, I is sending Vatican “Afrim the Robot” for protect the pope. I is just being safe.

-- AFRIM, Sole Member of the Albanian Guard