This Polish animated movie seems like it would be perfect for people who like Hentai. Personally, animated sex and bestiality don’t do anything for me, but I can appreciate a movie that satisfies its target market.

George the Hedgehog is a womanizing local hero. Some scientists hire thugs to steal some of George’s spikes and blood so they can create a clone. Even though the clone looks like a sickly, banged up version of George, mistaken identity ensues.

The film is full of cartoon antics that never let up. It may be weird but it’s never uneventful. George is having an affair with Yola, and she helps him distract the thugs by flashing her boobs. The thugs chase George around a market, in cars, and through a fun park.

When the clone escapes, Yola can’t seem to tell the difference but she’s disgusted by George’s new behavior (because screwing a hedgehog is cool but he better not disrespect her.) The clone humps a light socket and gets shocked, and ultimately goes on a rampage, letting blow up dolls loose to fly around the city.

The clone ends up in prison, farting in his cell and becoming Roman’s bitch. The clone becomes a celebrity and the local hooker Lilka has a musical number. This is making you want to see the movie, isn’t it? I know it’s weird, but I’m not sure it’s good.

The one part that was clever was a group of critics on Telekultura analyzing the metaphors of George’s antics. Their theory about what the blow up dolls represent is a good kind of weird. Otherwise, just drawing outrageous cartoon antics doesn’t make it interesting. You can draw anything, and the naughty cartoon isn’t even a shocking idea anymore.