I can see Fubar being the type of movie you discover at midnight and it becomes an inside joke with your friends. I definitely didn’t feel lost having not seen Fubar 1. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Fubar: Balls to the Wall picks up five years later with Terry (David Lawrence) throwing a celebration for Dean (Paul J. Spence) remaining cancer free. I take it he kicked cancer at the end of Fubar 1. After Dean and Terry get evicted, they need to go take a job on the oil pipeline with Tron (Andy Sparacino). Terry falls in love with the local strip club waitress Trish (Terra Hazelton) which drives a wedge through his friendship with Dean.

The movie is really a series of comedy episodes, which I appreciate because why waste precious joke time trying to have a plot. The oil job and the new girlfriend are the thinnest of plots to set up Dean and Terry.

They start a fire at the party, go visit Dean’s kids, go through safety class, try to get workman’s comp, go to a waterpark, etc. The bits are quick cut so you only have to see the jokes. Director Michael Dowse doesn’t spend leisurely time showing us how the comedians improv’ed their way to those jokes.

Dean and Terry speak in outdated heavy metal slang, and the sincerity of it makes it funnier. Yeah, we’ve seen heavy metal headbangers before, but I think these guys are older and the movie acknowledges that it’s not cute anymore, but it’s still funny.

I could see myself watching more Fubar movies about Terry and Dean. They’re light and funny, so I know I’ll at least get some breezy joy. I might have to steel myself before I take a risk with a different indie troupe. At the very least I’ll watch Fubar 1 and see if I appreciate the deeper mythology that’s expanded in Fubar: Balls to the Wall.