For a Sundance midnight movie, Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same is just adorable. The girls acting like aliens or love struck earthlings are endearing. The actual production is clunky, not because of the ‘50s B-movie aesthetic but more like a first time director. It’s so light though that you don’t ge hung up on it.

Janes (Lisa Haas) dreams of UFOs leaving her love notes. On another planet, the ozone layer is being eaten away by feelings of love. So bald lesbian aliens Zoinks (Susan Ziegler), Barr (Cynthia Kaplan) and Zylar (Jackie Monahan) come to earth to get their hearts broken, so their planet will be safe from dangerous love feelings.

The aliens talk in high pitched monotones like the Coneheads, except for newscasts on their planet which are played backwards so they sound like bleep blop bloop. The actors really commit with no fear. These wide-eyed baldies are just priceless.

Zylar dates around and the montages of her bad dates are funnier than the Hollywood rom-com, gay or straight. She repeats one date’s name a million times, and they cut back to her still saying, “Holly Holly Holly Holly Holly Holly…” Zylar woos one prospect by reading a laser hair removal sign to her.

Barr’s first date thinks her costume and persona is a role playing gimmick and she’d be cool with it until Barr lays out who she really is. Barr has mixed feelings about the assignment because she and Zylar were already an item. They cry watching a revolving desert tray together.

Zoinx comes to Lisa’s copy shop and courts her with a sweet card. In a movie date, Zoinx speaks out “Ha ha ha” in her monotone. Her expression of love, touching Lisa’s nose, actually does feel intimate. Especially when she says, “I’ve never done that with someone so quickly.”

If I mixed up any of the lesbian aliens, I’m sorry. I tried to take detailed notes but they do look the same and have fake names. The humor is so bizarre that it’s a special opportunity to see a unique voice in a movie. The homemade spaceships, monochrome space suits and bald caps are a welcome reprieve from high tech special effects.

The Sundance guide compares the film to Ed Wood. Even though that’s a stylistic choice, it still feels like something you might see in film school. It would be the most entertaining student film compared to all the pretentious artists, but still look like someone figuring out editing and camera angles.

I always say as long as the story is good, I don’t care how it looks. Codependent Lesbian is a little rougher than intentionally simplified filmmaking, but there’s also a “just get it done” sensibility which works for an indie film, since there humor does get on screen.