Review By: Harvey Bodwin, 8th Grade.

Outlander is the BEST movie where Vikings ar fighting aliens which I have ever seen in all of my whole entire life! It is cool because I like both 1) Vikings and 2) I like aliens. So if you also like Vikings and aliens then you HAVE to see this movie. It is so cool!

The Moorwens (aliens) are these totally mean monsters that glow red (when they are mad) and their blood is just like the green stuff inside of a glow stick and they are REALLY fast. Also, there is a guy named Morwin in my social studies class. But he is not a monster! (Haha! LOL) Jim Caviezel (his name in Outlander in this movie, which is also the name of the movie) is the actor that played Jesus in that movie made by the man that was in The Lethal Weapon, which my parents watched but didn't let me watch (and I didn't see the movie about Jesus either). He is the main character in this movie and he crash landed on planet earth. But anyway, the thing that is CRAZY about this movie is that even thought it has aliens and spaceships it takes place in the past! And the aliens (there are two of them because one has a baby I think) fight with Vikings (and you know they are Vikings not only because they say they are Vikings but also because they dress like them too and they do Viking things like dance, which is something Vikings did).

The Vikings think that Jim Caviezel (e.g., The Outlander) is from another tribe and they find him by a village which has just been burned. So they take him as a prisoner to get to the bottom of all of this. He tells the Viking king that he is fighting dragons (the Moorwen) and they don't believe him until the Moorwen comes into the Viking village and totally messes people up really bad, like the Moorwen drags this one guy through a wall and eats him. So then they decide to go hunt the dragon but they just end up killing this very big bear instead, which was not what they needed to kill; they wanted to kill the Moorwen. But they give The Outlander his freedom and then everyone is friends, sort of.

Another tribe of Vikings who are lead by the guy that played Hellboy (which was AWESOME) think that the Vikings whom have captured The Outlander (but remember: now they are friends sort of) are the ones that burned their village but it was really the Moorwen so they raid the other Vikings village. And there is an really cool big Viking fight, and there are lots of blood and guts and this one guy gets his head crushed between two giant hammers that the other Viking king (who plays Hellboy) has. Anyway, then the second Viking tribe retreats, but the Moorwen attacks them and so they run back to the Village of the first Viking tripe and are like "GUYS! Don't shoot us with your arrows because there is a monster chasing us!"

So then everyone teams up to go kill the Moorwen, and they build a giant trap that is a pit of oil (because they are going to light the Moorwen on fire). Then they try to lure the Morwin into the trap but it doesn't work and there is this totally awesome part where the Viking king (i.e., Hellboy) gets his head cut off and it squirts blood EVERYWHERE.

I don't really know what happened after this part because my mom came in and said I had to go to bed and then she asked me what i was watching and she saw the blood squirting out of the Viking kings neck and got mad and now I can't use my computer for the rest of the week which is STUPID. But I just want to say that Outlander was the most awesome movie about Vikings and aliens that has EVER been made and you should see it because it is AWESOME.

By: Harvey Bodwin