Review: The International

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There is one scene in this movie that makes it worth watching. It involves Clive Owen following an assassin into the Guggenheim Museum in NY. There are dudes with Uzis and shattered glass and screaming tourists and spurting arterial blood. The rest of the movie has none of these things, and is totally confusing, right down to the last scene. But it might be your best bet on a weekend where Chick Flicks are out in force. Beware: there is a giant conspiracy, and it wants YOU to see crappy movies. 

Plot: Clive Owen (Interpol) and Naomi Watts (NY District Attorney) are leading a detail aimed at tackling corruption at one of the world’s largest banks. The Bank perpetuates a series of murders and shady arms deals while the pair struggle to make a case. Finding that the entire system is stacked against him, Clive ditches both Naomi and the bounds of the law to take down the evil corporate empire on his own terms.

What I thought. The concept was great. I like anything that deals with the black market, involves a corrupt corporate giant, has snipers, and is set at major metropolitan centers across the globe. Unfortunately the execution was sub-par, and it felt like a shame that such a good premise was spoiled by poor writing and mediocre directing. Although the movie had all of these components, they felt thrown together just so they would be there.

Im also a little biased. I just finished watching season one of The Wire for the first time. The reason the show is so incredible is that it takes 13 episodes for the story to really play out. You can believe all the plot points and picture a real life narcotics unit going through the same steps to make a case against their target. The International was the opposite. The plot felt rushed, driven by too many coincidences and bits of dumb luck. It kills the suspense. By the end, with Clive Owen standing on a rooftop in Italy Turkey, it doesn’t even make sense.

But lets also remember that there is not a lot else out there over the Valentines Day weekend. And this one might be the compromise movie for you and your woman. Even though it’s  not going to blow your mind, it definitely beats Confessions of a Shopaholic. I say see it 6/10.

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