Step Up 3D

PG-13, 107m., 2010

Cast: Adam G. Santi, Alyson Stoner, Rick Marabi, Sharni Vinson with a whole bunch of  break and back up dancers

Directed by Jon Chu

Step Up 3D is pure soda pop entertainment, where between the carbonation bubbles of flashy dance sequences you get that sugar crash of acting and story.

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From what other people have told me, this is a continuation of the last Step Up – or The Streets, as some call it. NYU freshmen Moose and Camille (played with that Disney whimsy by Adam G. Santi and Alyson Stoner) from the previous Step Up installments meet up with a super hyper dancer runaway group named the Pirates, led by Luke (Rick Malarabi, who looks like Channing Tatum from a far).

What of course follows is a dance competition with high stakes between the Pirates and a rival dance group named the Samurai, led by former Pirate Julian (played by Joe Slaughter, who makes Vanilla Ice's acting in Cool As Ice almost look like Brando).

The story is not important, the acting especially by Malarabi and many of the dancers is just there to connect the dance sequences, and even the last dance sequence which brings everything but the glitter polished kitchen sink doesn't matter, especially when the Pirates put on a pre-Tron Legacy 3D light show dance number – nothing else can top that!

Sweat, dust, water, and yes, even Slurpee juice is thrown at your face in 3D. The problem with all these dance 3D sequences is that after the first battle the gimmick has warn out its welcome and we wait for that ending – one at which these characters have arrived time and time again.

These are the movies that create a quick and light time at the movies from the Busby Berkeley dances that our grandparents watched, to the Frankie Avalon and Annette Funcello beach parties of the 60s. Step Up 3D doesn't need any sort of critical response and really depends on the audience. The audience I was with gave me the best time it could by shouting and laughing at the movie. So, job break dance done. I'm out.

Grade: C