Review: Righteous Kill Is No Mutt

Sunday, September 14 by

When you’re looking for two guys to star in a crooked cop movie, you couldn’t really ask for a better pair than Pacino and De Niro. I mean, maybe if you were to land Jesus and Rowdy Roddy Piper it would be close. Does all that star power add up to the best movie ever? No. But, Righteous Kill definitely doesn’t suck.

Rating: B-

Lots of movies have taken on the NYPD, but it’s cool to see it from the perspective of the older guys who have been on the streets for decades, getting fed up with all of the bullshit. Watching young, attractive people solve crimes with hard work is interesting, but seeing old guys kick the crap out of people "like they did in the old days," is way better as far as I’m concerned.

Considering that this movie stars two of the best actors and tough guys ever, there really wasn’t a lot of hype about this flick. My guess is because the story itself isn’t going to blow you away. The ending is pretty predictable and it definitely drags at points, which isn’t going to help it slingshot up to $30 million in its first weekend, especially here in the middle of September.

But, even though it may not have lived up to the orgasmic expectations, Righteous Kill still has a lot going for it. As one of my good friends put it, it feels like a long version of a TV crime drama with a lot more F-bombs. Fifty Cent gives a decent performance, too. At least as far as rappers are concerned. I mean, he’s no Ja Rule in The Fast and the Furious, but who is?

So, is it worth seeing?
As much as I liked it, I think you’re safe waiting for this one to hit DVD. There’s not quite enough action to make it a big-screen essential. Plus, De Niro’s mole is getting a little scary when it’s on the big screen. He should think about getting that thing lasered off or pretty soon it’s going to need its own talent agent.

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