Piranha 3D

R, 82m., 2010

Cast: Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, Ving Rhames, Jerry O'Connell, Steve R. McQueen, Kelly Brook, Jessica Szohr Paul Sheer with Christopher Lloyd and Richard Dryfuss

Directed by Alexandre Aja

Screenplay by Peter Goldfinger and  Josh Stolberg

Piranha 3D zips along at great pace with plenty of boobs and blood to give us one hell of a fun summer ride at the movies.

For those who want to know any plot, a 'seismic' underwater earthquake unleashes a huge pack of pre-historic flesh hungry piranhas onto a popular desert lake during sprin break. What follows are the gory events and traps that bring togethe the town Sheriff (Elisabeth Shue), her tough guy Deputy (Ving Rhames), a underwater researcher (Adam Scott), and a boat load of sleazy Girls Gone Wild crew members headed by Jerry O'Connell, doing some of his best over the top acting ever.

A couple of hilarious cameos by Richard Dreyfuss and Christopher Lloyd keep things rolling as they remind us that we're always going to need a bigger boat when dealing with monstrous sea creatures.

At its core, the movie is just another gimmicky remake of the 1970s Roger Cormen B-classic, Piranha. The original was a rip-off of Jaws, and this version seems even more so with its many zoom shots and characters having similar traits and references. Dreyfuss even finds himself on an ill-fated boat again, and Scott looks an awful lot like a young Dreyfuss with his thick glasses and beard.

Yet Alexandre Aja, director of High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes (2006), along with his cast of classic screen actors, D-List stars, and young, tan teenagers dive head first into the campy gore and sex. They don't hold anything back, from fishes gobbling penises that are spit back at you to underwater nude scenes with this month's Playboy cover girl Kelly Brook. The best way to enjoy is just to sit back, laugh, howl, and enjoy the ridiculous ride this movie takes you on.

Grade: B