Review: Hancock Is Super…Sorta

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The latest addition to Will Smith’s eclectic collection of big-budget action flicks positions itself as the anti-super hero movie in a summer full of comic book transplants. You didn’t see any little kids calling Ironman an asshole and The Hulk sure didn’t shove anyone’s head up anyone else’s ass. Well, at least not in the theatrical version, but maybe on the DVD…probably not, though.

The plot in 13 word:
A grumpy anti-hero fights crime in the most half-ass way possible.

The details:  
Hancock uses handful of generic super powers (super strength, flight, etc.) and a bourbon buzz to stop bad guys in half-assed and usually destructive ways. The opening scene is an action sequence, which is always nice after sitting through almost 20 minutes of trailers, but the special effects certainly aren’t going to make George Lucas relinquish his carbonite crown. It’s good to see Jason Bateman still doing what he does best—acting shy and neurotic–only now he’s getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to do it.

One major drawback:
I don’t know what Will Smith’s problem is, but his refusal to make poppy rap songs describing the plots of his most recent movies is starting to get on my nerves. If ever there was a character that warranted an obscenity-free gangsta rap from the Fresh Prince, it’s this one. Just think of the possibility….”Lean With It/Hancock With It.” It writes itself.

The verdict:
If you like the feel of big summer blockbusters, then you should leave Hancock feeling plenty fulfilled and reeking of butter-flavored popcorn topping. If you’re looking for something with a more complex and well-crafted plot, you might be a little disappointed with the amount of questions left unanswered when the credits roll. You might also be a total art school pussy.

So…is it worth $10?
Yes, but it would’ve been even more worth it had they stuck to their guns and kept an R


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