There are more Friday the 13th flicks than there are funny movies starring Billy Crystal. Jason Voorhees has been to camp, Manhattan, and even outer space.  He has died and has been resurrected. As long as there are horny co-eds with a wild hair up their end to go camping, Jason will be there &ndash machete included.

Plot: Dude searches for his sister who disappeared while camping with some friends near Crystal Lake six weeks earlier. Dude (Paledecki) runs into another group of teenagers who are prone to walking alone with a flashlight. Oh, and Jason is there.

What I thought
: As a whole, the Friday the 13th series has its share of plot holes and gaps in logic. But if you want realism, go watch Planet Earth or Animal Planet. If you want to sit and watch characters (jock, prep, slut, nerd) meet gnarly deaths, then have a seat. No, not there, that’s where I keep my snacks. Get off of my snacks. Thank you.

This installment is what you call a “reboot.” Just like what you have to do when your computer is brought to its knees under a vast amount of porn. Basically, this movie (while borrowing certain aspects of the saga) is meant to stand on its own. So when the guy sitting behind you is hissing under his breath, "Well, how’d Jason get back from the space station?” simply turn and whisper,  “Hey super-fan, shut up or you’ll miss the: A.) boobs, B.) death, or C.) bong rip.” He's right though. There really is nothing particularly distinctive about it. It's more of the same.

That said, this Friday the 13th comes equipped with a wicked good (and quick) Jason (Derek Mears), hotties, and more than enough scares to have you watching through your fingers. So if you've liked the rest of the series, you wont be terribly dissapointed.  6/10

Review by Buck Russell