Review: “Eagle Eye” Will Make You Paranoid

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Love him or hate him, Shia is going to be around for a while. While I’m not one of the haters, I’m still not entirely convinced he can carry a movie totally on his non-hunky shoulders.

A young, kind of douchey guy is selected by a secret organization to participate in a series of dangerous and incredibly complex missions. They often end up in car chases, explosions or death-defying dives out of tall buildings. He eventually finds out that he’s not alone in his plight, and that there’s at least two hot chicks involved in Michelle Monaghan and Rosario Dawson.

I’m sort of a tech nerd, so I get a little annoyed when I see things in movies that couldn’t possibly happen in real life. Remember that moment in Live Free or Die Hard when the kid from the Mac commercials hacks into the goverment sattelites using only an old cell phone? A lot of times I got that vibe from this movie. There is a ton of action, though, so if you’re willing to suspend your nerdy disbelieve for two hours, you’ll probably end up at least having a good time.

Shia is good, but like I said before, he’s still not a draw for me. Sure, people will say he was great in Transformers, but it’s easy to be appealing when you’re surrounded by huge alien robots fueled by pure nostalgia. They did a great job casting him as the twitchy, paranoid type, though. I think he’ll be fine if that’s where he stays. I think he’ll end up looking kind of silly if he tries to go full-on bad ass.

So, is it worth the $10?
There isn’t a heck of a lot coming out to tide us over until Bond hits in November, so I think this one is definitely worth checking out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the IMAX experience, but I can only imagine that would make it even better. Just don’t take the movie too seriously. Chances are no secret agencies even care about you for any other reason than those episodes of Lost you downloaded last year. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

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