This is a site geared toward men, or so I've been told. I guess that brings up the question of what makes a man? If I'm not into cars and action movies, does that make me less of a man? If I can enjoy an art-house film or a romantic comedy, am I not considered manly enough to hang with the rest of you? My point is, we all don't fit into the stereotypical "man" category, and there's no sense in trying to force people to conform to predetermined gender roles. However, there is one exception. If you want Cher: The Film Collection DVD box set for Christmas, you are clearly not a man.

That being said, I'm big fan of the Cher: The Film Collection DVD box set. It features Good Times, Chastity, Silkwood, Moonstruck, Mermaids, and Tea with Mussolini. Going in, I thought "Good Times" was about a black family living in a 70's era public housing project. Sadly, now I know better. And after watching all of these films, I also know I have no interest in ever watching them. Truth be told, I can't stand Cher.

I bet you're thinking, "Jame; why the hell do you like this Cher collection so much if you don't like the movies or Cher?"

Good question. The answer is simple. The Cher: The Film Collection DVD box set made my life a lot easier. Even though I'd rather eat glass than watch these films, my mother-in-law loves them. So when they asked me if I wanted to review the product, I was all about it. After watching them, all I had to do was wrap it up, send it along, and look like a son-in-law who gives a damn, which I don't. And it worked!

That's why I highly recommend the Cher: The Film Collection DVD box set. Sure, you aren't going to like it, but it makes an easy Christmas gift, especially if you're as lazy at I am. Buy it!