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I have to warn you: I’ve been an X-Men fan since I was a young’un, even going so far as to have an X-Men tattoo emblazoned onto my left arm in college.  Regrettably, my choice – a Jim Lee-era black circle with an “X” inside and red filler – can sometimes be mistaken for neo-Nazi chic.  Consequently, my wardrobe will forever include sleeves.  Last week, I caught a screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and director Gavin Hood gave a very sobered speech prior to rolling the film.  In it, he made it crystal clear that the now-infamous leaked version– the one that was critically bashed – was missing about 400 effects shots, an entire score, sound design, and the color timing had not been done, either.  In effect, it was a rough cut.  I haven’t seen it, though I must admit curiosity after rumors came out that the finished film and the leaked version were virtually the same, in terms of the edit.  But I went into it with optimism…

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By Taco Perkins Editor’s Note: Per Taco Perkins’ request, we have provided a sample of LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells.”  According to Taco, this will get you in the proper mood for his comical stylings. TacoPerkins Opening – Watch more Funny Videos

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 By HaloFan1996

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By Jay Riotta

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You may remember actor Jesse Eisenberg, he’s quite the hot-shot young actor in a circle of “I play disillusioned youngsters wanting to be Holden Caufield” roles. Go down the list….

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By WWE's The Big Show

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I take issue with the word "Bromance."  But I guess it’s better than Brotonic Brolationship. I Love You, Man is a "bromantic comedy."  That’s it.  And I am fine with…

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Knowing, opening today, is a compelling film that walks the line between horror and science fiction – a genre blend right up the alley of director Alex Proyas, who probably gained the biggest notoriety from the cult fave Dark City.  Unlike Dark City, Knowing takes place in the very real world – Melbourne, Australia doubling amazingly as Massachusetts and NYC – and its story drums up a question that’s come to all our minds at some point: does Earthly life have a purpose, or does “sh*t just happen?” 

REVIEW: The Last House on the Left
Friday, March 13 by

What would you do if bad people raped and left your daughter for dead?  So spouts the basic message of the trailer for The Last House on the Left, and apparently, from the few clips shown, the answer is to kill them in as cinematically gruesome ways as possible (if it’s funny, that’s a plus).  Wes Craven’s original back in 1972 answered this question by showing us what completely disturbed, depraved, and downright terrifying places a human could go if pushed hard enough.  This remake misses the point – most of the killings wind up feeling like those clichés designed only to make you laugh and maybe cringe a little, but hardly ever scare you, and certainly not disturb you.  This much-hyped remake is something of a dud, and you can check out exactly why after the jump.

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I own well over 1,000 comic books collected over the years, and to this day they sit “bagged n’ boarded” for their protection, tucked away safely in my grandparents’ basement.   But I would only consider myself a comic book geek on the superficial level.  I was in it for the pictures.  If it looked cool, I bought it.  If I wanted to read words, I’d buy a novel.  And, with no disrespect to artist Dave Gibbons, I never got into Watchmen because it just didn’t look as cool as, say, Jim Lee’s X-Men, or Rob Liefield’s New Mutants.  In my adulthood, though, I’ve read the book.  It’s dense.  It’s dark.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  But I don’t love it like I’m supposed to.

Review: The International
Friday, February 13 by

There is one scene in this movie that makes it worth watching. It involves Clive Owen following an assassin into the Guggenheim Museum in NY. There are dudes with Uzis and shattered glass and screaming tourists and spurting arterial blood. The rest of the movie has none of these things, and is totally confusing, right down to the last scene. But it might be your best bet on a weekend where Chick Flicks are out in force. Beware: there is a giant conspiracy, and it wants YOU to see crappy movies. 

Review: Friday The 13th (2009)
Friday, February 13 by

There are more Friday the 13th flicks than there are funny movies starring Billy Crystal. Jason Voorhees has been to camp, Manhattan, and even outer space.  He has died and has been resurrected. As long as there are horny co-eds with a wild hair up their end to go camping, Jason will be there – machete included.

Review: Coraline 3D
Monday, February 9 by

If you're looking for an highly-imaginative 3D animated Disneyland-like ride at the theaters, Coraline is your ticket. It's a unique movie experience, and could be the most creative 3D movie ever produced. It fits well into the genre of modern day fairy tale as it lures you into an increasingly creepy world where childhood pleasures slowly transform to nightmares. 

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Review By: Harvey Bodwin, 8th Grade.Outlander is the BEST movie where Vikings are fighting aliens which I have ever seen in all of my whole entire life! It is cool because I like both 1) Vikings and 2) I like aliens. So if you also like Vikings and aliens then you HAVE to see this movie. It is so cool!

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 I can get a decent amount done in 96 hours. Maybe make a sandwich, sleep, do some work, watch some movies, argue with my girlfriend, go to the gym. In Taken, Liam Neeson is on the next level of productivity. Here are a few of the things he was able to do in the same time period.  Warning:  there are spoilers.

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I'm not an alcoholic. But sometimes I think that the steady flow of beer and whisky for the past 12 years has washed away a lot of my memories. It doesn't help that we live in a society where we are inundated by media. It's impossible to keep track of everything you've seen, and the similar things tend to get squashed together because your brain needs to create categories to file everything. If we retained the plot points of all the movies we'd seen over our lives we would have to forget other things, like how to boil water or what a transmission is. What I'm saying is that I had seen the two previous Underworld movies but could not, for the life of me, remember what the crap they were about.

Review: Gran Torino
Monday, January 12 by

I didn't get the point of Gran Torino. I also don't get the point when racist old people ramble about how discontent they are with what the world has become. But much like Gran Torino, I enjoy the every-loving hell out of watching them do it.

Review: Defiance
Wednesday, January 7 by

Defiance is an amazing story that suffers from a poor telling. It is mired in heavy handedness, never freeing itself to be anything other than a tale of revenge. With that said, there are some totally sweet battle sequences and good tough guy-ness on the part of Craig and Schreiber that make the movie a decent view.

REVIEW 2: The Day The Earth Stood Still
Sunday, December 14 by

(Editors Note: Sometime's two people from the massive staff of Screenjunkies review the same movie, and the best review wins. This is one of those occassions. Here's Thomas Anderson's. Max Power's review can be found here.) I have a confession to make: I’m a sucker for any good old fashioned sci-fi trip, even if said sci-fi trip involves some overused clichés and a plot that doesn’t entirely make sense.  These flaws can be forgiven if the rest of the show gives enough thrills, special-events driven destruction, and Keanu Reeves. 

REVIEW: The Day The Earth Stood Still
Saturday, December 13 by

I was listening to an episode of This American Life where they break down step-by-step what has happened in the financial markets over the past few months that has made hoards of analysts and traders literally shit their pants. Check it out, it’s mind blowing. The idea that our markets would just freeze up and stop working is something that trusted names in economics are saying is a reality.  The consequences would be disastrous. Companies would stop making stuff. Millions of people would lose their jobs.  Industrial food production would grind to a halt. We could potentially see a mini-apocalypse as chaos spread around the globe.  And what brought on end of days? Terrorists? Nuclear mutual annihilation? Plague? Nope: friggin home loans.

REVIEW: Slumdog Millionaire
Sunday, December 7 by

Damn.  Romantic comedies got dark.  Slumdog Millionaire opens on an Indian kid getting tortured by two police inspectors.  They beat him, hold him underwater, and then  clamp electrodes on his toes.  It’s not The Holiday or Made Of Honor.  This kid’s getting ‘the business.’   Danny Boyle’s feel-good picture of the year (and it does eventually  feel good—my theater applauded) opens like a film about CIA rendition.

Review: The Wrestler
Wednesday, November 19 by

I walked out of the theatre from this movie feeling like I had a metal chair smashed over my face after being suplexd onto a mat covered in broken lightbulbs.  And I mean that in the best possible way. The wrestler brings a level of intensity that you don’t often experience these days. It just hurt so good.

Review: Quantum Of Solace
Monday, November 17 by

Face it.  Bond movies aren't high art. They're movie fast food.  You know what you're paying for.  It's huge, loud, and sandwiched in meat.  So to speak.  Remember the 1980s Big Mac? The hot side stays hot, the cold side stays cold.  Well, Quantum was brilliant junk food.  The girls were hot-ass skinbombs; the guys were cold-ass.  It's not Fellini, Wells, or even Scorsese: it's junk food.  So pull up to the second window and get some extra fries. Here's are your grades, class

Review: Soul Men
Monday, November 10 by

Soul Men has the unusual distinction of having, in its cast, two instrumentally famous African American performers who have both passed away in the past year: Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes. Because of this, it’s almost impossible to look at the film without remembering how much Mac and Hayes have impacted both the acting and music world, and it works to the film’s advantage.

Review: Zach and Miri Make a Porno
Wednesday, November 5 by

   Silent Bob's at it again with a delightfully foul-mouthed romantic comedy about a pair of best friends faced with the age old question: should we bone for money? The movie continues with the same dirty and curse laden frolics as Superbad, Knocked-Up, and all the other gems in the Apatow canon. But don't let the presence of Seth Rogen's milky white gut confuse you. This is very much a Kevin Smith film, though not nearly his best.

Review: JCVD
Monday, November 3 by

Jean-Claude Van Damme is an international action superstar.  With a long line of classics (Bloodsport, Universal Soldier, Timecop, Death Warrant), he has solidified himself as martial arts master and the quintessential action hero.  Yet for all his tireless efforts towards the action genre,  he can't escape from being the butt of b-movie jokes.  Until now.The Plot in 13 WordsA struggling real life Jean-Claude robs a bank, wants a second chanceRecreating the "Muscles"

Review: The Haunting Of Molly Hartley
Monday, November 3 by

There are some movies that will cause your face to bleed from the constant scratching of it that goes on, simply because you do not understand what is happening, or why it is happening. Though all the key elements of a movie are there, like plot, characters, and a central conflict, the universe seems to say the movie should not exist.

Review: Sex Drive Is An F’ing Good Ride
Wednesday, October 15 by

The modern sensitive young male: an enigmatic creature. Conflicted by the need to treat women with respect while simultaneously taught to objectify them at every cost.  Biological drive aside, dudes are instructed by society from a young age to care for and protect the female species. We are also told to be Men, hammer on their va-jay-jays, treat them like shit, and move to the next one.  The mixed messages only lead to frustration, and the frustration does not help you get laid. THAT is what Sex Drive is about.

Review: Body Of Lies
Monday, October 13 by

Different movies are different things. There’s not some goal that every film has to have. You don’t compare Superbad to There Will Be Blood. Although some films are great, and some films are just terrible, the majority are just movies. They are something you watch because you want to be entertained. Body of Lies falls into this category.