Review: Fright Night On Blu-ray – Now Featuring More Daylight

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'Fright Night' 

New on Blu-ray this week is the 2011 remake of the horror classic, Fright Night. Starring Colin Farrell and Anton Velchin, the film is a solid update, even if it never quite overtakes the 1985 original.

Like its predecessor, Fright Night tells the story of a high school student who is absolutely convinced his creepy new neighbor is a blood thirsty vampire. Deciding to protect his single mom and girlfriend, he teams up with a sleazy Vegas performer (David Tennant) and preps to battle a small army of the undead.

The visuals are slick, and the gore is plentiful, although the high definition tends to let some of the CGI work stand out more than it should. The audio is solid, and pops as you’d expect it to during the action scenes. The two disc combo pack also features a DVD edition of the film. And you can shell out a few more bucks for a 3D edition if that sort of thing floats your boat.

The extras on the disc are varied. You get five deleted scenes, a couple featurettes, bloopers and a music video. The disc also features one of the more unique extras I’ve encountered, in the form of an audio track for the visually impaired. Essentially, the track provides a reader who describes everything happening on screen while not interrupting dialogue. And when I say everything, I mean it. If you ever wanted wanted to hear a vivid description of the Touchstone Entertainment logo, now is your chance.

So is it worth it? Yes, if you enjoy horror with a good mix of comedy. The acting and action sequences are good throughout the film, even if the pace moves a bit quicker than necessary. Although I think Fright Night missed some opportunities to separate itself from the vampire pack, it’s still a step above most recent horror films, and certainly most recent horror remakes. It won’t make any die-hard fans forget the original, but the movie is by no means an embarrassment to the name.

Fright Night is now available in stores, with an SRP of $39.99 for the Blu ray/ DVD combo pack.

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