DVD Rundown: Cars, Fanny and Alexander, Blue Velvet, Mutiny On The Bounty, Band of Brothers/The Pacific

Thursday, July 21 by

Cars Director’s Edition

Some DVD sets get points just for the sheer size of the presentation. That’s definitely the case with this behemoth, which probably makes that part of your brain that enjoys collecting things tingle just a little bit. At 11 discs, it’s got several editions of both Cars and Cars 2, plus more special features than any normal human would ever find time to watch – all the stuff that comes on the special edition sets, plus exclusive features like “Nuts and Bolts: A Sneak Peek of Cars Land, World Tour – Interactive Map, Deleted Scenes, Short Documentaries Set Explorations from the Different Cities in the Movie, And More!” “And more”!? Are you kidding me, Disney?

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Cars 2 Fanny and Alexander Blue Velvet Mutiny on the Bounty Band of Brothers


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