DVD Review: ‘The Bourne Series’

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If you’re like me, and you’re still not convinced you should shell out the extra cash for a Blu-Ray player (case it point: my “revolutionary” mini-DV player is now worth $4 on Craig’s List), then the re-release of the Bourne Series on flipper discs is a good compromise. Like Jason Bourne himself the three discs don’t quite know what they are— DVD on one side and Blu-Ray on the other—which actually is perfectly fine with me: I won’t feel like a moron adding an obsolete DVD or un-tested Blu-Rays to my library.
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The re-released discs, available for sale starting today, also include some “how the eff did they do that?” extras for dedicated Bourne flakes like myself. Blowing Things Up recounts how the filmmakers shattered the glass house in Bourne Supremacy. In the age of Avatar, it’s refreshing—almost quaint—to see technicians working with real explosives and real stuntman. No CGI here, they took four days to rig the house with explosives, put the actors on bungee chords suspended by cranes so they could fly in all sorts of weird directions, and blew that shit up—old school style. Similarly Go Mobile shows how technicians built a new vehicle to follow Matt Damon around in various cars as he dodges assassins from Berlin to Moscow. Rooftop Pursuit lifts the curtain on the secrets behind filming the Tangiers chase scene. Spoiler alert: It was a pain in the ass.
There are some alternate openings and endings included, as well, which don’t work, proving that Doug Liman and Paul Greengrass are geniuses who know what they’re doing.
As for the Blu-Ray features themselves, I had to borrow my neighbor’s son’s PlayStation to see what the fuss was all about. The HD looked great and there’s a feature called U-Control, which enables you to click on the characters while the movie is playing to get bios, locations, and random trivia. You can also chat with friend while watching the movie, which I tried to do with no success. Nothing wrong with the technology—I just don’t have any friends.
 — John Palisades
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