DVD Review: ‘Get Him to the Greek’

Tuesday, October 5 by

Get Him to the Greek is a half-wadded spitball at the entertainment industry and all things not sacred from Judd Apatow factory of funny. The return of infamous British rock star, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and newcomer music intern Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) must make it to the famou Greek Theater in 72 Hours or both their careers will be left in the dust. From traveling around London, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles this odd-ball duo leave a trail of drugs, sex, and rock ‘n roll behind them. It’s when the comedy stops and things get serious that the movie creaks along its way to an ending that dearly holds onto whatever “Jeffery” vapors it has left.

With that being said, the DVD/ BluRay release gives us another unrated, post-theatrical look at this comedy, which according the filmmaker’s commentary is a push to make comedic movies into a new coined term called “Hard Comedy,” mixing the laughs with dramatic weight.

Special features breakdown after the jump…

Deleted Scenes/Extended Scenes:
A lot of these scenes are stand-alone fillers and nothing more. When watching them, you realize or at least appreciated, what the final cut of this movie looked like. A lot the jokes that worked once in the final cut like the surprise Harry Potter cameo, the various Jonah Hill sex/drug use scenes, and more puking scenes, keep coming back or go on way too long. A little scene involving Alanis Morrisette  and Aldous Snow I’m sure sounded funnier on paper than in the actual pay-off. Thankfully these scenes did not make the final cut.

Alternate Opening and Ending:
This part of the DVD shows, the boring original opening with Aldous Snow’s African Child premiere party. A lot of set up for what things are to come in the movie but seeing what they had to work with here makes you appreciate the hilarious music video intro instead. The same goes for a the ending, which is titled “Riding Daphne.” Instead of the Unplugged special at the end of the movie, we meet up with Aaron and Aldous at a forest retreat where Aldous’s new addiction is free base jumping off cliffs and writing songs about Aaron’s fiancée.

Blind Medicine with Sarah Marshall:
Since this movie is spin-off sequel of Forgetting Sarah Marshall we get additional funny little moments from the faux-NBC show, “Blind Medicine” starring Sarah Marshall (Kirsten Bell) and Rick Schroeder. The best line of “Blind Medicine”: “I wish your mind was Braille, Cole. Then I could read it.”

Feature Commentary:
What has to be the strangest commentary recorded, director Nicolas Stroll, Jonah Hill, and Rose Byrne are in studio recording the commentary, Elizabeth Moss and Russell Brand seem to be somewhere on Skype cutting in on the commentary every once in a while. We find out what the cast and director think was the best line in the movie and how Diddy never sleeps. Ever.

Music Videos:
My favorite parts of the movie were these faux-music videos of Aldous Snow and Jackie Q’s. From the opening and very un-P.C. music video of “African Child” to “I Am Jesus” and “Ring Around My Rosy.” We get to see Baby Jesus getting cradle rob, break-dancing guerrilla fighters on fire, and Katy Perry inspired spoofs about getting chili dogged and breaking feminine hymens. Here we get see these hilarious music videos again in the their true Unrated fashion of drugs, sex, and rock ‘n roll.

Gag Reel:
Every Apatow factory DVD contains a “Gag Reel,” which is just a series of  uncensored bloopers minus the cornball hosting of Dick Clark. Sometimes these little snippets are funnier than the actual movie. The best thing about this “Gag Reel” is the cast and crew freaking out about a 4.0 magnitude earthquake caught during a take.  Seeing Jonah Hill’s double blubber chin in slow motion, while screaming for his dear life is worth a good belly laugh. The rest is just about Diddy trying not to curse too much during takes.

Another tradition on the Apatow factory DVDs are the alternate line reads. We see a lot more from the blink or miss them performances of Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll, which if your a fan of their improvisation-based comedy, you’ll have a smile slapped on your face. Russell Brand screams into the camera about how much Lars from Metallica is an a-hole, Jonah Hill gets mocked raped by various chicks, and Diddy can’t help but talk about the furry walls.

Behind-the-Scenes Features:
We get three behind-the-scenes features here with the Get Him to the Greek DVD:

Making of Feature: A typical HBO specials about how everyone was great to work with and how this is a spin-off of Forgetting Sara Marshall.
Behind-the-Music: Things get a little more interesting with the making-of music tracks. We find out about how Russell Brand had to learn to sing the word “blow-jobs” correctly. Actor/writer Jason Segel makes his only appearance on the DVD, about how he wrote several Coldplay and Katy Perry inspired songs “Goin’ Down,” “Supertight,” and “My Bangers” for the movie.

The Making of African Child: What might possibly be the worst music video ever made, the cast and crew try with as much deadpan humor explain the reasoning behind “African Child.” It tries to get a touch of Christopher Guest inspired dead-pan humor with the biggest laugh coming from the emotional burnin break dancer and assistant director feelings about working on this music video.