Being offensive is not necessarily funny. Just ask Carlo Mencia. But a truly skilled comedian can make you laugh at the most appalling things. And when it comes to walking the fine line between witty and revolting, few are more skilled than David Cross.

Just imagine Jerry Seinfeld telling a joke about Martin Luther King Jr. and a vanity license plate that reads "NGR LVR." Or try to picture Jay Leno doing a bit where a deaf man tells Jew jokes to a delighted audience, only to be shouted down as "an anti-Semitic deaf f**k." David Cross not only gets away with these jokes without offending, but somehow he leaves you wanting more.


His newest DVD, Bigger and Blackerer, is no exception. Filmed during two back-to-back shows at Boston's Wilbur Theater, the act comes across as less angry than his previous albums, but no less funny. As Cross touches on in the show, age has given him perspective, if not understanding, of the stupidity of the world around him.

As always, Cross veers heavily into his left-leaning political views and goes off on several rants against religion. While you may or may not agree with what he has to say, that fact that you're reading this review in the first place leads me to believe you'll still find the humor in his crude but often spot-on observations.

While reviewing the previous works of David Cross, a much more insightful writer than myself once observed that we live in a world where comedy is geared toward "Christian secretaries who have never seen a dick or heard the word "n****r"; a society where simply screaming, "Arrrgh! Mondays!!!" is considered hilarious." Given that bleak picture, it's good to know that there are still comedians like David Cross.

David Cross: Bigger and Blackerer is available from Sub Pop Records on May 25th, 2010.