Dustin Hoffman gives the performance of his career in Barry Levinson's Rain Man. Nowadays people make fun of actors taking on mentally challenged characters in order to secure an Oscar, but Hoffman deservedly earned his Academy Award for the role of Raymond Babbitt. The picture also won Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture of the Year in 1988. Tom Cruise also takes a memorable turn as Raymond's selfish and conniving older brother who finds out, after his father dies, that he has sibling he never knew about. The two go on a journey together that involves impromptu viewings of "The People's Court," blackjack games, and the growth of a bond the brothers never thought they'd share.

The Blu-ray special features include The Journey of Rain Man featurette that delves into the history of the production. It's interesting to learn that Barry Levinson scooped up the project after the late Sidney Pollack, Steven Spielberg, and Martin Breast all dropped it. Why is it always the movies that take forever to get made that end up being the greatest? Also included is featurette that looks into the mysteries of autism. It's a good watch if you're interested in educating yourself on the disorder. It also helps you greater appreciate Hoffman's triumphant performance.