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By Afrim, sole member of the Albanian Guard

Hello, United States. Is Afrim. I writing from internet café in Baltimore suburb.  To visit my cousin Fatbardha, I travel all the way from Tirana.  That is of Albania (is close to former Yugoslavia, if you not possible in geografia).  I has just seen American movie Angels plus Demons. Is movie that make me very mad. Not is because bad movie, is only because Swiss Guard is protecting Pope very badly.

In history, Swiss Guard made Pope protection army in 1500s. In my country, we had own guard army, but was not choose by Pope Sixtus IV. This make Albanians very mad, because we think we do better job than Swiss. They can’t only choose one language, how is it they can save Pope?

For this movie, history is very important. Robert Langdon (play with great haired Tom Hanks) is professor in America and come to help solve crime in Vatican City. Very important scientific discovery has stolen from Switzerland (I tell you that!) at Big Hadron Collider. Pope is dead and four cardinals, the “Preferiti” (is meaning, most possible be new pope), are being kidnapped. Is suspect that ancient group, call “Illuminati” are making the crimes, and they are needing Langdon solve. He is helping with Vatican police (very professional) and Swiss Guard (I spit on their mothers). He is finding clues from four basic elements of the science – the earth, the sky, the fire, and the water – and is helping him to answer mystery. But, the timing is disappearing, and at the middle of night, discovery from Switzerland (shko n’lesh) is going to explode and destroy Vatican.

But who is he trusting? Maybe Swiss Guard is bad guard? I say yes. Is problem in Vatican City with bishops and cardinals? Is very crazy story with many changes. We is neve knowing what happened next!

I like this movie. Is very enjoyable and is learning of interesting history. Tom Hanks is very good actor. I see him last year, in new summer blockbuster movie Splash! in Tirana’s new cinema/car wash. Very funny actor. And, he is very good in change of people. He play very serious in Angels plus Demons, but in Splash!, he very romantic and joking. Is nice to see actor with different abilities. He is deserved an award.

Also in movie is Ewan MacGregor from Scotland. I never has heard from him, but I hear is in new Star Wars movie Of Phantom Menace, which excite me when it come to Tirana in early 2010.

Thank you for your reading. Të Dua, America!


Afrim Budo is the lone member of the Albanian Guard, the lone holdout descended from the line of Budos awaiting the Pope’s decision to grant Albanian Guard to his detail.

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