If you’re ever at ActionFest, the all action movie film festival, and they’re showing Bail Enforcers, and Trish Stratus is there to present the film, I highly recommend you take advantage of that opportunity. I can’t imagine watching Bail Enforcers any other way.

Jules Taylor (Stratus) leads a team of bounty hunters, along with Chase (Boomer Phillips) and Ridley (Frank J. Zupancic). When their latest rundown offers them a $100,000 bounty in exchange for his release, Jules ends up fighting mob boss Hal Lambino (Joe Rafla) and his muscle Ruby (Andrea James Lui) just to claim the bounty on Mario (Enrico DiFede)

It would be pointless to analyze any technical mistakes. We all know how movies are supposed to look so we can recognize any problems with framing or continuity. Bail Enforcers has some real fights in there and they are, quite frankly, moments of awesomeness.

Jules fights a musclebound bail dodger in a gym using all of her WWE moves. High flies off a weight bench, takedowns and head locks are thrilling in a real world context. Her fight with Ruby in an ambulance makes great use of the tight space. With Ruby in a skimpy nurse uniform and Jules in a hospital gown, the battle is a hot, leggy match of even talents. Lui has moves and she’s fast too. Their final confrontation gives them more space but equally brutal throwdowns.

As an action heroine, Stratus has a delightful attitude. She’s having fun, still playing big like there may be an arena of 10,000 watching. Phillips gets a few funny lines in a massage parlor scene, but his outtakes are even more outrageous. Lui is the real discovery here. An sketch comedian, Lui has a future as a badass hero, sexy villain, anything she wants to play.

Whether Bail Enforcers secures distribution on DVD or a midnight movie release, you’ll know exactly what kind of movie it is. If you’re looking for that kind of experience, Stratus has made sure you’ll be Stratusfied. Her word, not mine, but it’s the most accurate way to describe the Staratusfaction of Bail Enforcers.