A Guy’s Guide to ‘Twilight’

Wednesday, November 16 by

Differences Between the Book and the Movie

  • In the book, the Cullens wear some stupid family crest.
  • Bella has an aversion to eating meat. Oh, the irony!
  • Edward drives a different douchy Volvo in the movie than he does in the book.
  • The book makes a big point about how Bella hates the Internet and has some crappy old computer. In the movie, she has a super sleek Apple laptop that projects holograms from the future onto the wall.

Conversation Starters

Now that you’re well versed in the ways of Twilight, impress the ladies with these sexy Twilight conversation starters.

  • So, if I put on glitter would you ignore that I’m creepy and weird?
  • Isn’t it romantic when a dude sneaks into your apartment without yo knowing?
  • I’ve always loved vampires, but I HATE that they suck blood.
  • I love Twilight, but don’t you think they should have more premarital sex?

Comprehension Questions

  1. How creepy is Edward Cullen?
  2. Why does everyone like Bella Swan even though she is completely irritating?
  3. Why do the Cullens live in the rain capital of America?
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