Set stills, production stills, and marketing photos from Transformers 3? You betcha. It wouldn't be 4/20 without some Transformers: Dark of the Moon promotional stills.

They've been dribbling out stills for a while now, so there isn't much to say other than T3 Day (a little something I've made up) hits July 1st and these pictures remind us that Shia, Rosie, Michael, Bumble, and Optimus all brought their A-game to entertain you, the audience. So go see their movie. I've heard it's a real thinkpiece.

Even with a busy shooting schedule, Michael Bay makes time for his Tai Chi.

Way to go, Optimus. It looks like they Decepticons only took out like 2 million people before you stopped them.

Thinking she will be distracted by the robots, Shia LaBeouf reaches for Rosie Huntingon-Whitely's labia, but misjudges the distance and grabs only air.

William H. Macy had to get up at 3:30 AM every morning for 3 hours of prosthetics and makeup to turn into Bumblebee.