When it's your job to cover movie related bullsh*t, it's kind of stupid to call something out for being bullsh*t. So if you want to call bullsh*t on my calling of bullsh*t, that's fair. Either way, the release of the "first official still' from the new James Bond film, Skyfall, is probably the biggest PR non-event of the week.

Let's say the average move lasts about 90 minutes. I'm not exactly Rain Man, but that breaks down to 5,400 seconds per film. Assuming this film was shot at 24 frames per second, that comes out to 129,600 frames per film. So by looking at this boring picture of James Bond holding a gun, you've just witnessed 1/129,600th of the movie. Excited yet?

Thanks so much, MGM! My life really does have a purpose, and it's bringing people joy one pointless still at a time! Now 2/1/2012 will be remembered as the day we first saw a frame from Skyfall rather than the day that a hack movie blogger put his head in the oven.

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Don't be mad. I told you it was stupid.