There's very little to draw from in this image (below), but it's still enough to confuse the viewer on several fronts.

Why are they falling? Is that a Mad Men-type metaphor?

Why does everyone appear terrified about falling except Adam Sandler? The fact that he is furthest down indicates that perhaps he is the bravest, which would be why he's smiling, and also possibly their leader.

Kevin James has a really weird beard. That's not a question, but still merits discussion.

Why are they all wearing t-shirts when their exposure to water was a near-certainty? It's probably because they don't have great bodies.

Is the tagline for the film really "Summer isn't just for kids?" Who made that claim? Also, having four man-children jumping to the abyss on the poster doesn't really do much to refute that claim. If they put Ian McKellan, Christopher Walken, and maybe Richard Nixon on the poster, getting wet in t-shirts, then you could state a case that, no, summer is not just for kids, but having Adam Sandler enjoying summer doesn't speak to its adult disposition.

David Spade? DAVID SPADE?