First Set Pic From ‘AL:VH’ Has Lincoln, But No Vampires

Monday, May 9 by
The first photo from the set of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has been released, and what it lacks in action, it more than makes up for in rich character development. Also, I’m beginning to question the production values of this project, as the U.S. flags featured so prominently don’t even have the requisite 50 stars. Sure, it’s a small oversight, but the little things add up. I hope it was an oversight, and the producers weren’t omitting stars to save money, because that would be VERY unpatriotic.
When he’s not busy commanding the Union Army, freeing slaves, or slaying the undead, Abraham Lincoln (played by Benjamin Walker) enjoys getting on a nice wooden stage so that stately white men may stare at the back of his head for time indeterminate. Don’t believe me? Believe this:

Beyond that, there isn’t much to distinguish this set pic from a photograph of a gathering of Civil War re-creationists. They could have given us a Mary Todd upskirt shot.

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  1. May 9, 2011 11:02 am


    When Abraham Lincoln was president there wasnt all fifty states, he was only alive until 1865. Nebraska, Colorodo, North and South Dakoda, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska weren’t states until after his death. There should only be 35 or 36 stars on the flag.

  2. May 9, 2011 11:02 am


    Gee, thanks @5ff2e735d81d00502ef177c48a406814:disqus. I wonder, did they have sarcasm back in Lincoln’s day?

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