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Vanessa Hudgens
Wednesday, March 2 by

As far as up-and-coming actresses go, Beastly actress Vanessa Hudgens is a weird case.

Blink Your Brain, Bear
Wednesday, March 2 by

His simple program changes lives.

‘Spider-Man’ Set Photos Preview ‘Amazing’ Sweatpants
Monday, February 28 by

Spider-Man, Spider-Man / Eatin’ stuff / On the set…

‘Looper’ Set Photos: Future Cars Don’t Look Futurey Enough
Monday, February 28 by

They look like what cars will probably actually look like in the future, which means not enough hovering.

Front Must Match The Back
Monday, February 28 by

The tuxedo didn’t help him keep his cool.

‘Insidious’ Poster Features Mandatory Scary Child
Friday, February 25 by

Here’s the new poster and some stills from ‘Insideous’ by director James Wan (‘Saw’). That kid sure looks happy, huh?

Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Sting’
Friday, February 25 by

Here are your weekend links.

Charlotte Ross
Friday, February 25 by

It’s hard to say exactly what role Charlotte Ross will play in Drive Angry 3D, but we do know she’ll tangle with Nic Cage in a cheap motel room at one point or another.

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
Friday, February 25 by

Great, now it’s stuck in my head.

For Your Ice-T
Thursday, February 24 by

Comin’ straight out da freeza.

Carly Craig
Thursday, February 24 by

Carly Craig’s appearance in the Farrelly brothers unabashedly dude-tastic Hall Pass won’t be her first time working with the renowned siblings of slapstick.

Jack Got The Eyes Right
Wednesday, February 23 by

I won’t be commissioning a drawing from him anytime soon.

Alexandra Daddario
Wednesday, February 23 by

If you’re a fan of teen-oriented fantasy films (the kind without oversexed vampires) you might recognize Alexandra Daddario and her crazy-blue eyes from Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief.

Mandatory Core Strengthening
Tuesday, February 22 by

Looks like Fett needs some motivation.

Tanit Phoenix
Monday, February 21 by

Tanit Phoenix is not going to play Wonder Woman. That doesn’t mean you can’t still check out pictures of her, though. In fact, it’s pretty much required.

Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’
Friday, February 18 by

Here are your holiday weekend links.

Nemo Grew A Pair
Friday, February 18 by

I find the legs more disturbing.

You’re Welcome, Tom
Thursday, February 17 by

The nicest guy in Hollywood, without a doubt.

Pack It Up, Boys
Wednesday, February 16 by

The Batman’s tired of protecting this shithole town.

Jude Law Chillin’
Monday, February 14 by

If he’s going to dress like that, what does he expect?

Tania Raymonde
Sunday, February 13 by

Tania Raymonde is best known for playing Alex Rousseau in Lost.

Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Citizen Kane’
Friday, February 11 by

Here are your weekend links.

Jessica Andres
Friday, February 11 by

Jessica Andres was originally slated to appear in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but all her scenes were cut just before the film hit theatres. As it turned out, that was probably a good thing.

Rachel Specter
Thursday, February 10 by

Known primarily for her commercial work, Rachel Specter is taking another stab at the big screen with an appearance in Adam Sandler’s latest offering, Just Go With It.

Ferris Bueller, You’re My Hero
Thursday, February 10 by

I bet Rooney’s more treacherous than King Koopa.

‘X-Men: First Class’ Has A Logo…With An X
Wednesday, February 9 by

And here it is.

Peep Leo DiCaprio Hiding Hoover’s Homosexuality
Wednesday, February 9 by

It’s the squinting and the cigarette. Man looks as straight as an arrow.

Wolverine Or Two Batmans?
Monday, February 7 by

Cannot be unseen.

Brooklyn Decker
Monday, February 7 by

Here’s something you may not have known: Brooklyn Decker looks good in a bikini.

Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Paycheck’
Friday, February 4 by

Here are your weekend links.

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