New Photo of Mel Gibson Wrist Deep in Jodie Foster’s ‘Beaver’

Friday, December 3 by

As advertised, here’s a picture of Mel Gibson with his entire left hand inserted in Jodie Foster‘s creepy looking Beaver. Like most red-blooded males, I’ve imagined this scenario many times, and I guess two things surprised me upon actually seeing it. For starters, althoug the beaver in question is old, it looks to be in relatively good shape, which is impressive. Second, I’m surprised to see how much Foster is enjoying it. Look at the smile on her face! She just loves how Mel is manipulating that thing, and it shows. What’s Mel’s secret? I guess we’ll have to wait until The Beaver is released this Spring to find out.

Yeah, sorry for being childish, but what do you expect from a 13-year-old. No, seriously, this site is run by child slaves. If anyone is reading, please call the Department of Labor or the Los Angeles County DCFS. I miss my mom. (Coming Soon)

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