"...Yeah, but THESE dwarves all have names that start with 'B' and ridiculous facial hair."

- some (possibly dwarf-ish) studio marketing exec

Let's get the info out of the way. These are The Hobbit characters Bombur, Bofur, and Bifur. Bofur and Bombur ar brothers, and Bifur is their cousin. They are the sons of miners from the west and join the quest to get fortune and free beer. Fair enough.

Here is a pic of some other dwarves in the movie. And here's another. And, shit, I found some more over here. Thank God they're releasing these pics intermittently! Could you imagine if we DIDN'T know what these dwarf characters looked like a year and a half before the film premieres? I think the survivors would envy the dead.

Firstly, this doesn't look like a photograph, but rather some weird watercolor rendition of the dwarves. Secondly, what they lack in intimidating stature, they more than make up for with mesmerizing facial hair. Their opponents will be lulled into conversations about mustache wax and hairspray, only to be surprise-attacked but other, non-mustachioed dwarves.

Also, is that first guy' weapon a giant spoon? Weird. Unless these guys are like wizards or something, I don't really see what they bring to the equation. The first dude (Bofur? Bifur? Bombur?) is a perfect sphere who could possibly neutralize opponents by rolling over them, the second guy is clearly too busy flirting with me to be an asset, and I'm pretty sure the third guy is actually just a pile of hair.

The Hobbit! Coming to theaters in 18 short months!