Michael Arndt Better Whistle While He Works On ‘Snow And Seven’

Tuesday, February 1 by

Disney just took one more big step forward in its development of the live-action Snow White adaptation Snow and the Seven by entering final negotiations with Oscar-nominated Toy Story 3 scribe Michael Arndt. THR reports Arndt would join director Francis Lawerence and Memoirs of a Geisha production designer John Myhre as the team announced thus far. Four established writing teams have taken shots at the script, which would indicate that Disney is looking for nothing less than perfection for this long-incubating project.

Snow and the Seven is a retelling of the classic fairy tale with some decidedly exotic twists. British Snow White returns to Hong Kong for her father’s funeral, only to find out that her (evil?) stepmother has it in for her, so she flees to China where she is taken under the wing of seven warriors. The prospect of a live action fairy tale clearly influenced by Kurosawa‘s Seven Samurai sounds pretty damn enticing. Here’s to hoping Disney continues to take their time getting this one right.

Natalie Portman has long been attached to this project as Snow White, but execs are wondering if her pregnancy will leave her in any condition to negotiate the film’s numerous fight scenes. At the risk of editorializing, HEY NATALIE: INDUCE LABOR AT THE END OF THE FIRST TRIMESTER SO YOU DON’T SCREW UP THE SHOOTING SCHEDULE. THIS MOVIE LOOKS AWESOME.

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