Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘Fargo’

Friday, March 25 by

Their path ended at a woodchipper.

Here are your weekend links.

The Top 10 Ass-Kicking Adult Swim Babes (AdultSwim)

Six Dos And Don’ts For Steve Carell‘s Post-Office Career (MovieLine)

The Hottest Local Girls Face Off At Barstool (BarstoolSports)

Things That Look Like Muammar Gaddafi (HolyTaco)

A 79-Minute Single-Shot Horror Film (FilmDrunk)

Justin Bieber Makes Love To Himself (CelebJihad)

The Intergalactic Pin-Up (Unreality)

40 Actresses Over 40 (MovieFone)

Is Liz Taylor Worth More Dead Than Alive? (PopEater)

Bad Books For Kids (Smosh)

The Greatest Horror Films Ever Made (Ranker)

Pee On That Jellyfish Sting (BroBible)

Today’s Girl: Jamie Chung (Maxim)

A Case Study In Hotness (Pajiba)

Before They Were Famous: Jon Hamm In Space Cowboys (NextMovie)

Jon Jones Robber Stunt May Have Been A Staged PR Move (CagePotato)

Sarah Silverman Interview (MadeMan)

Mortal Kombat Tag Team Trailer (GameFront)

Someone Is Being Racist In Texas? OMG No Way (TuVez)

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