Links Away Photobomb Fridays: ‘E.T.’

Friday, March 11 by

Way to ruin a TOUCHING moment. HIYO!

Here are your weekend links.

“Eagleheart” – Death Punch (AdultSwim)

Roger Ebert Really Didn’t Like Battle: Los Angeles (MovieLine)

Five Fast Fights At Fast Food Restaurants (HolyTaco)

Twilight Cast Evacuated Amid Tsunami Warning (FilmDrunk)

Celebrities Mock the Devastation In Japan (CelebJihad)

Six Memorable Boss Fights In Video Games (Unreality)

12 Essential Sci-Fi Movies for Newbies (MovieFone)

Olivia Wilde Back On the Market (PopEater)

Eight Good Reasons to Not See Red Riding Hood (Smosh)

The 10 Most Ridiculous iPhone Apps (Ranker)

The Worst Song In the History of the World (BroBible)

Today’s Girl: Amanda Seyfried (Maxim)

Justin Timberlake Made a Big Mistake (Pajiba)

Six Rad Clips from Red Riding Hood (NextMovie)

Fighter Wants Money From People (CagePotato)

Eat Some Fancy Salt (MadeMan)

Dragon Age 2 Cheats (GameFront)

Why Siestas Are Awesome (TuVez)

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