Superhero Fashion Week Continues: New Pics Of ‘Captain America’ And ‘Thor’

Friday, January 14 by

Not ones to be outdone by Spider-Man, Captain America and Thor would like you to know that they that they look pretty cool in their superhero clothes too.

First, we have Thor gritting his God teeth in anger before giving someone the business end of that hammer of his. Not sure what’s going on with the really ornate scenery behind him. He’s either in Asgard or an NBA players bathroom. I haven’t seen enough episodes of “Cribs” to be able to identify which player.

Then we have a snapshot of Chris Evans suited as the Star-Spangled Avenger himself. The leatherhead style costume is pretty cool. It’s a great blend of old-timey and modern day. Plus you can see his abs through leather. That’s how you know he’s seriously good at thwarting Nazis. It’s also nice to see that wall of Iron Men behind him. I’m not sure how functional those suits are but they look intimidating. New rule: the CEO of Marvel is now in charge of all of our wars. Get on that, Pentagon. (via Entertainment Weekly)

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