Ever since the first trailer for Terrence Malick's Tree of Life came out, people have been wondering what it was all about. And ever since a poster for the movie seemed to have a small appearance from, of all things, a dinosaur, people have been wondering how there could possibly be a dinosaur in a movie like this. Now we have an even better glimpse of the great lizard, as he majestically looks off into the horizon while grazing in a mountain stream, presumably after killing Newman from "Seinfeld."

Tree of Life premiered at Cannes and will enter the exciting world of limited release on May 27th, so expect to know the precise role the dinosaurs play in the story by then. My guess: Sean Penn is actually a dinosaur, and it's up to his elderly father Brad Pitt to take him down before he rampages through the city, killing millions. It'll be like The Omen, but with a secret dinosaur instead of the Antichrist. You heard it here first. (Two Ways Through Life)