The "Game of Thrones" marketing team must be a pretty literal bunch. For the latest poster, they decided to do away with all that confusing symbolism and just put up a huge throne. "You want thrones? Here's your throne!" the creative rep said to the boardroom of HBO execs.

To be fair though, it's the sickest throne that I've seen in weeks. It is made of hundreds, if not thousands of swords, and birds like it so much, they perch upon it. Nine thumbs up for the throne design team. They can expect to see a lot more work in the future after this success.

Since the throne is so cool, I must ask, "Why so sad, Sean Bean?" Oh, that's right. "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" and all that jazz. I guess they managed to cram some symbolism in there after all. (HitFix)