Audiences for a movie called Shark Night 3D (which apparently is no longer titled Untitled 3D Shark Thriller) aren't looking for a lot in terms of artistry or mise-en-scène. They want some sharks, some shark attacks, perhaps a bikini or two, and some winking references to that famous killer fish movie, Piranha.

So this image is sure to whet the carnivorous appetite of all but the most jaded Shark Night 3D anticipators. The water! The shark! The chick in a bikini! The visual reference to Jaws! It's all here, friends. You can check out a larger version of the image below. Fun tip: Print it out and paste it over one of your windows at home to make it look like you're underwater and neglecting to save a young swimsuit model from getting eaten by a shark. Did I say "fun"? I meant "bizarre." (Collider)