The two posters released today represent the yin and yang of cinema. The id and ego. Highbrow and lowbrow. They're, like, totally opposite, man. First up is the Fast 5 poster. Featured on that poster are a lot of bald men who look very angry with whoever is looking at them on that poster. Tyrese Gibson is so mad that you're looking at him that he is seriously considering shooting you. And I don't blame him. Stop staring. It features the people more than the cars, which is a first. Can Paul Walker and Vin Diesel sell more tickets than Japanese sports cars? We shall see. (Movie Web)

Now, in this poster for Woddy Allen's latest, Midnight in Paris, there are no cool cars of any kind and Vin Diesel is literally NOWHERE on the poster. In fact, the only person on this poster is Owen Wilson, who has been proven by scientists to be the exact opposite of Vin Diesel. Also, you'll notice a pretty strong Starry Night motif in the sky. As best I can tell in the Fast 5 poster, there are zero nods or references to Van Gogh paintings. However, if you should see one, please put it in the comments. In fact, the only thing these movies have in common is my desire never to see either one. (Playlist)