Ahhh, movie stills, the last bastion of a slow news day.

First up we've got a pic from Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon that shows Rosie Huntington-Whitely being led to safety by America's new favorite everyman, Shia Labeouf. He must have just rescued her from a day spa or something, because the poor guy looks like he has gone through hell while she looks like she's ready for tea at the Plaza. He's also carrying a messenger bag and rocking his go-to motorcycle jacket, so it's nice to see that his character hasn't embraced the preppy look like so many of my douchey friends have. Way to stay strong, Shia.

Man, I wish they had a picture of a Transformer in there, or something. It would make for a much more compelling image. Oh well.

Give yourself a minute to catch your breath and we'll move on to a still that is somehow more mundane. If you weren't too drunk during your Super Bowl party, you may remember the trailer for J.J. Abrams' Super 8. Well, one of those quick cuts is back from the grave. In still form. I've got goosebumps too, guys.

This project has been shrouded in secrecy, which should be no surprise considering Abrams' involvement.

As we discussed before in dissecting the teaser, that's probably not an errant sound guy in the background, but a player in the "movie within a movie" set up. Which means that the movie will features layers of meaning (read: confusion). Keep on trucking, J.J. You're doing God's work. God's frustrating, confusing work.

The sound guy seems miffed.