What do the films The Change-Up, Dream House, and Ceremony have in common? Absolutely nothing, other than they all released stills today that are below for your viewing pleasure.

The 1980's were clearly the heyday of mind-body transfer movies. Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold switched it up in Vice Versa, Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore did it with Like Father, Like Son, then there was 18 Again! starring George Burns and some other dude. I never saw that one. The 90's offered a death rattle in the way of a Freaky Friday remake, but it seemed clear that the concept was destined to die off. But Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds said "not on our watch," and came to our rescue with The Change-Up (via Playlist), in which an uptight guy and his slacker friend switch bodies. Shocked? Ryan Reynolds sure is:

Then we've got Dream House starring Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig, in which a family moves into a new home, only to find that the previous inhabitants were murdered, possibly at the hands of the husband/father. They discover that they are doomed to repeat the fate of the family before them, which makes Mr. Craig register an expression that can best be described as "concern." (Playlist)

Finally, we've got Ceremony which follows a young man (Michael Angarano) who crashes the wedding of a character played by Uma Thurman. This act makes the boy very relatable, as most anyone could develop an infatuation with the Thurmanator. In an interesting wrinkle that could only occur during our technological renaissance, Ceremony is hitting VOD on March 4th and theaters April 8th. (Playlist)