Dystopian futures are hot right now - check out the crazy hype surrounding The Hunger Games if you don't believe me. So the reboot machine worked overtime to put another established property into a dystopian setting. The punch card it produced reads: "Zorro Reborn."

Fox is developing a Zorro-In-A-Shitty-Future movie. Gone are the sword fights, super old school California setting and justice-seeking missions. In other words, gone are many of the elements we actually liked about Zorro, to be replaced by: a post-apocalyptic futurescape and a lone-wolf hero bent on revenge. Hey, as long as this Zorro burns a "Z" into the forehead of a guy with a laser gun in the trailer, it's still technically Zorro.

The script was written by Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy ("Harken") and will be directed by visual effects specialist Rpin Suwannath ("X-Men" series). In my future, this will be the one I have not seen. (LA Times)