In news that's only really surprising because of its timing (before Batman vs. Superman gets released), it's been announced that Zack Snyder, who helmed Man of Steel, will be going for a third ride on the DC Comics carousel with Justice League. Justice League, like the Avengers, is a superhero ensemble film, only with DC characters, that will smush them all together so hard that they hopefully just turn into money.

Batman vs. Superman is set for May 6, 2016, so...we probably shouldn't hold our breaths for the following installment. However, we can count on Henry Cavill returning as Superman, Ben Affleck taking his second turn as Batman, and Gal Godot (who?) as Wonder Woman.

A lot can happen in the film world between now and 2016 when this thing would probably hit theaters, but as long as the Avengers keeps plugging along making billionaires out of Marvel execs, we can expect this project to stay the course.