Zach Braff has a certain sad-eyed amiability that many folks find quite pleasant. Now it seems like one of those folks is director Sam Raimi, whose project Oz: The Great and Powerful is picking up steam. Here's a description of the role, which will now come prepackaged with that special Zach Braff feeling:
"Braff will play the role of Frank, the loyal but under-appreciated assistant to Oz (James Franco), a charismatic circus magician who is treated as a powerful wizard after his balloon blows off course into Oz and the townsfolk want him to eradicate a Wicked Witch and bring peace."

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Boom. Not only do you now know the character Braff is playing, but you also know what the movie is about, and that James Franco is in it. Boom.  More infobombs: Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz are all in it too. Can you handle all this information? (Deadline)