Have you felt funny recently? If so, it might be because Zach Braff hasn't been in our lives the way he once was. With no more Scrubs, and years passed since Garden State allowed all your yuppie friends to feel emo, we haven't seen much of the actor/writer/director.

All that ended yesterday with an all-day "AMA" session on Reddit.com. For those of you with jobs, let me explain that Reddit is essentially a user-generated portal where web denizens post links to funny stories, memes, and pictures of kittens doing stuff. And "AMA" stands for "Ask Me Anything," a Q&A session made famous by Ashton Kutcher (which should give you an idea of the type of news we're dealing with right here).

He revealed that he would "most like to guest star" on Zooey Deschanel's new Fox show The New Girl, presumably because they both cater to a similar type of Whole Foods-y quirk and angst that everyone at your advertising agency can agree on. He also shared that he's written a play, All New People, that he's hoping will premiere in London's West End next year. I'm sure we will give that one a lot of coverage on our sister site, PlayJunkies.com

The marathon chat session quite literally lasted all day, and I've got an article on hot movie lesbians to write, so feel free to check out the back-and-forth in its entirety right here, but please put on your smug boots and smug slicker before wading into this thing.