Thinking that he's some Kristen Bell-type celebrity or something, Zach Braff has seen the damage Veronica Mars did on Kickstarter with its crowdsourced sequel, and said in his most emo, somber voice, "ME TOO!!!!"

Technically, Braff's project, Wish I Was Here (ugh), is a "follow-up" to Garden State, and not a sequel, but I'm incapable of believing that it will take place in a different universe than Garden State, so I'm sticking by the headline.

Braff will star in it, natch, and will play a down-on-his luck dad who has to homeschool his kids. It was written by Zach Braff's brother, which is comforting only in that it means it wasn't written by Zach Braff.

Here's the link, because it's actually pretty interesting, and I don't see the need to make fun of some of the stuff he writes when you are perfectly capable of doing that yourself.