Okay. Okay. I know this makes it seem like Zac Efron was buying drugs but hear him out. I'm sure he has a perfectly sound explanation for getting punched in the face by a homeless guy at 3am in a sketchy part of downtown Los Angeles.

As Zac tells it, he had innocently run out of gas for his car that is fueled by gasoline and was very politely waiting for a tow truck when the trouble began. It was at this point that he innocently hucked a glass bottle at some homeless gentlemen who in turn drew offense and asked if Zac would like to engage them in fisticuffs. However, Zac's bodyguard was also on the scene and is paid good money to beat up the homeless on Zac's behalf. While he was distracted by punching two of the homeless men, a third slipped by Zac's bodyguard and was able to hit Zac in the mouth. Police arrived on the scene shortly after and made no arrests. They also had Zac autograph some High School Musical basketball before allowing the star to drive away in his gas-less vehicle. (TMZ)