Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski is crawling seductively (so that you can see her cleavage and everything) toward a lead role in I, Frankenstein. She'll play a beautiful and talented scientist which means she'll probably wear glasses. Oh yeah, she's also Aaron Eckhart's love interest. Seems like a nice match-up, until you realize that Eckhart is playing Frankenstein's monster. Gross! I know she's probably pulling late scientist hours in the lab and might have trouble meeting people, but seems to me that Yvonne Strahovski can do better than dating undead guys. There's always
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But the film isn't all just hot chick-on-cadaver action. Based on a comic, the plot follows Frankenstein's monster as he flees demons who are intent on learning the secret to his reanimation. Strahovski crosses paths with him when the demons trick her into working for them to help raise an army of the undead. Those tricky demons. They're always fooling our model-hot scientists into assembling their undead armies. Total dicks. (THR)